Denton Peterson Dunn Reached a Settlement of $1.5 million in Employment Lawsuits Case–$ 28,000 Per Staff member

September 26, 2020

The employment attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn recently reached a settlement of $1,525,000 in a hard-fought federal court case they brought alleging failure to pay overtime wages. The plaintiffs in the case (Ariz. District Court CV-17-04026-PHX-SPL) were sales employees at prominent Arizona technology company Infusionsoft (recently renamed Keap). The litigation was resolved by a settlement, in which 53 employees received an average of almost $29,000 each. The case was originally filed in 2017, and took almost three years of litigation before being resolved.

To maximize the benefit to their clients, the Denton Peterson Dunn employment law team negotiated a settlement in which the employer had to pay for the employees’ attorneys’ fees separately from the $1.5 million payout. So, after an order from a federal judge, the employer had to pay almost $700,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs to Denton Peterson Dunn—separately from the $1.5 million overtime payout to the employees. “I love it when we can negotiate a settlement like that. Our clients receive as much as possible, and then we have the opportunity to demonstrate separately to the judge the value our firm added.”

Asked whether he could guarantee similar results in other cases, Denton responded, “Of course not. Every case stands or falls on its own facts. But we stand ready to get our clients the best result for their cases, whatever the situation.” Denton added, “We’re just glad we were able to help so many families on this hard-fought case.”

Denton Peterson Dunn has seven attorneys who work in various areas of the law related to small businesses. The firm creates corporations and LLCs, drafts and negotiates contracts, deals with employment issues, and analyzes franchises, among other things. Denton Peterson Dunn’s lawyers also act as aggressive trial attorneys for all sorts of legal disputes.

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Title: Denton Peterson Dunn Reached a Settlement of $1.5 million in Employment Litigation Case—$28,000+ Per Employee
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Published Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 00:00:00 GMT

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